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This book is ruining my life.

Hand of woman holding open a book with green foliage in the background. The title reads "eads "This book is ruining my life: Let's talk about women & wealth building"

 And yet, I keep telling my friends to read it. 

Scratch that. Not just my friends, but my mom and my dental hygienist and everyone in between needs to to read this book.

It’s truthfully not ruining my life. My friend Jeanette laughed when I said this, but the honest truth is that it’s shifting the ground on which I stand. 

Shifting ground makes me feel unsteady and hyper aware of my surroundings. 

“…but the honest truth is that it’s shifting the ground on which I stand.”

What’s the book? 

It’s Think Like a Breadwinner by Jennifer Barrett

Here’s my spiel. 

This country was built by founding fathers (supported by their wives) and the access to power, money and wealth building has largely been in their hands. This trend and the expectations along with it continue to this day. Sure, we can all point to women outliers who are building wealth, but largely we’re taught that men, in heterosexual relationships, are the breadwinners and that women are to be taken care of. 

Reality check. We all know a woman in our family or circle of friends that has been impacted by divorce, abruptly found herself a widow, or feels trapped to stay in a marriage because of the stability of a paycheck. I can name a few. 

“This isn’t a “kick your boo to the curb,” but rather a rallying cry for us to take financial literacy seriously and to take back the power of wealth building.”

It’s time that we, the female identifying readers, wake up and start shifting our mindset to take care of, provide for and build wealth for ourselves and our chosen families. This isn’t a “kick your boo to the curb”, but rather a rallying cry for us to take financial literacy seriously and to take back the power of wealth building.

All too often, understanding finances and building wealth is an afterthought leaving women to scramble together knowledge and a plan.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of scrambling. As a mom of two, I’m always scrambling and it leaves me feeling hurried, pressured, and flustered. It’s time for women to start thinking proactively, not with a fear mentality, but rather out of respect for oneself, love, and care. 

Pretty much, I’m telling you to read the book. 

But as you travel down this road and you find the ground underneath you is shifting, or this book is, dare I say, “ruining your life”, I want you to lean on two kinds of friends.

Friend #1: Your Hype Girl/Team/Squad. This is the friend that gives the Jamie Lee Curtis vibes at the Golden Globes.  This is the friend that will speak truthfully and unashamedly in their support of your wealth building. They cheer you on when you make investments in your portfolio and tell you to look at the long game when the economy dips. They send memes, motivational quotes and expect you to succeed. 

Friend #2: Your Committed Board Member. This is the friend that asks the hard question about life choices (new cars, 45K house renovations and the vacation you put on a credit card), that talks strategy with you and sends you books to read about money. They realize that an empire doesn’t happen overnight, and so they are around for the long haul to commiserate and learn alongside you. They are calm, methodical and are confident that you can grow in your financial literacy. 

And, because I like to think I can call authors by their first names or gift them a nickname: Hey Jenny! (aka Jennifer Barrett, the author of this book) Jenny is my Committed Board Member, who is a few steps ahead of me but she lays out all the steps slowly and clearly for me. 

On the other hand, Rachel Rodgers, author of “We Should All Be Millionaires”, is my hype girl!  She’s the one that I hear in my head when I wanna make what she calls a “broke ass decision”. I hear her voice in my head and like to imagine she’s sending me disapproving avatar pics when I wanna ignore my quarterly investment statements. She’s not about that! 

Read the book. Find your friends. Let’s get to work to shift the narrative. It’s my hope that the next generation of women can say that we taught them everything we know, we didn’t hide our secrets, and that we shifted the narrative of who builds wealth in America. 

Cheering you on. 

What other book is a must read for women who are ready to get serious about their money? Comment below and let’s hype one another up! 

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