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The Revolution begins on the inside

I’m over the fakers & the half-hearted allies. 

The revolution doesn’t begin at protests or marches. No, instead, the revolution begins on the inside. 

You see, we know what performative justice looks like and we know what it looks like when it fades into inaction. We can point to this in the aftermath of 2020 and the slow fizzle that happens after any breaking news story.

After the initial act of injustice, everyone is all up in arms, reposting on social media & making donations to the non-profits your favorite influencer told you to donate to. 

It’s flashy, showy, fleeting because it’s here today, but gone tomorrow. 

It lacks depth.

Over the last few years, I’ve been able to put my finger on what I believe is the reason why so many justice causes can’t get momentum. 

And it’s simply that actions, while important and powerful, can not be sustained over time without a heart that compels repeat action. 

This is what I mean when I say, the revolution begins on the inside. 

I believe that when we’re motivated to do the internal work, we are going to & doing the work of therapy (one is not good without the other) , exposing our true selves to the light, and examining the hidden assumptions, privileges and cultural narratives we grew up with. 

We’re motivated to do the internal work when we’re reflective, not shaming, of who we are and our perspective on the world, but also reflective of the true and authentic person we want to be. It is then that we do this work with love & grace. 

When we face our mistakes, can see the wrongs done to others, and can face the reality that we don’t always do what is in the best interest of others: then we’re doing the internal work. 

We’re doing the inside work, the work of the heart, because we understand that change doesn’t just show up out of nothing.

Change shows up when we work, when we listen, when we reflect, examine and grapple. This is the work. 

And the revolution is all about change.

Change happens when we’re willing to risk something. Change happens when we’re willing to risk our comforts, our image, and our reputation. It happens when we’re ready to put the needs of the community & others first.

When we shift our hearts and move our feet, then we’ll start to see the change that will fuel a revolution. 

But here’s the thing, it’s not going to happen if you don’t move your feet and keep your people & elected officials accountable. And it’s definitely not going to happen if you stop doing the internal work. 

At Truth & Gold, this is what we’re most passionate about: helping you do the internal work so that you can invest in the areas of injustice you’re passionate about. Our passion is race and LGBTQ+ rights, but we recognize that helping encourage you all in your allyship means that together we can fuel the fights against environmental racism, disability injustice, gender discrimination, unequal pay, gun violence, and the list goes on.  

We want to be allies to all allies, so we’re digging down deep, having our own “ah-ha” moments, listening to communities, and learning from so many of you. We’re in this together. We want to see revolutions that leap out of our hearts and have a marked impact on the world!

Big and lofty? Sure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this with you,


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